His Plans are Certainly Not My Plans

I love to plan. I love to organize. I like things to be in order. A spur of the moment play date or coffee date is all good and fine, but I function great with a list and schedule. It guides me and makes me stay focused. The past several years I have taken many […]


My family has had an idea brewing in our minds for a year or more now. It was a little bit out of our comfort zone. But it also sounded like SO MUCH FUN. We finally did it last week. The kids and I loaded up in the Suburban with fresh baked cookies. Next stop: […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. Yes, please!!

Indiana is heating up. Yesterday it was 90 degrees! Time to start thinking about ICE CREAM. Time to start stocking our freezers with popcycles and ice cream bars. When you are in the mood for a super sweet, cool and chocolatey treat….I have the answer for you! My family AND all the guys I work […]

Summer Plans….

Do you ever make grand summer plans? I’m a planner. I want to make the most of every moment. I tend to plan too many things into a day, week or summer, though. This past winter when we took a break from school I sat down with my kids and asked them a few things […]

Books Abound!

Books. They are everywhere in our home. Piles of them by each of our beds. Bookshelves in nearly every room. Overflowing. Where do we head when we go to junk thrift stores? The books, of course! I love that my hubby and kids are all readers along with me. What a fun treasure to share. I make […]


Family can be with us in so many ways. This weekend it has just hit me how in little everyday moments family memories and thoughts of my extended family pop up. I had told my son Don at some point that one of the fun ways I loved to play with my dog while growing […]

There is Fun to be Found!!!

Our family has fun. There is always fun to be found. Sometimes it is right out in the open and easy to find. Sometimes fun has to be searched for. We have been wishing for fun this week as we have been sharing a lovely coughing, fever, sleep-all-day-long bug in our family. Only one has […]

My Baby Brother

Many of us have one. I dare say most of us don’t realize the treasure we have in them until we are adults. Brothers. Ornery. Stinky. Annoying. Protective. Funny. Handsome. Hard working. Brothers. When my brother was the pesky younger brother he would do anything…and boy did he….to annoy me. His most famous story (in […]

Haiti Has My Heart

Last month at this time I was just days away from being at home in Haiti (and being warm!!!). This was my third trip to Haiti. From the moment I stepped off the airplane in Port-au-Prince in 2013 I felt an incredible love for Haiti. That love has only grown through the years. My trips […]

This Homeschoolin’ Gig Rocks!

We began homeschooling a year ago for a variety of reasons. We’ve never once regretted it. I thought I understood how the whole homeschooling thing would play out for us. I pictured a schedule we would happily work through each day. I am a schedule person. A check list person. I pictured me being a […]