What’s on Your Nightstand?


My nightstand holds a few of my favorite things. I have a framed photo of  beautiful Haitian mountains on it, my lovely jewelry box that I scored at Goodwill several years ago, a dish that holds my highlighter, pen and chapstick, my alarm clock (yuck!!), lamp….and my STACK OF BOOKS. Books. I. Love. Them. I […]

My Sewing Machine and Me!


My mom always had a sewing machine set up in her bedroom. She can sew. My mother-in-law can sew. As in she sewed MY WEDDING DRESS. I remember learning to sew in Home Ec class with Mrs. Faber. Big oversized pink sweatshirt. It was TOTALLY AWESOME. Totally. During the last twenty-four few years since high-school my […]

Mission Fields Abound!


When most people think of serving on a mission field they think of going to far off lands like Africa or Haiti. While those are certainly great mission fields they are not the only mission field out there! On countless afternoons or weekends at our home there is a huge mission field. Our neighborhood kids! […]

Lessons from Haiti


There are so many thoughts running through my head when I return from Haiti. I think the most pronounced thought is that we in America have so much STUFF. My family just knows that when I return I will be filling up bags of our STUFF to get out of our home. Stuff is distracting. […]

A Mama is a Mama No Matter Where She Lives


On Monday I arrived back home from being in Haiti for a week. I hope you all don’t get tired of my stories, thoughts and emotions from Haiti too soon! I love Haiti and the beautiful people that live there. It is my second home. Haiti is part of who I am. Ingrained in my […]

Why Haiti?

Haitian kids

While Danielle and I were sitting down at our nice cozy breakfast table eating our cinnamon rolls and drinking our hot cocoa and coffee (the coffee was just for me!)a few mornings ago I became teary eyed. Don had walked into the room and I told him something interesting so sad that I had read in my […]

Popcorn……for dinner?


I am spoiled. My family lets me call POPCORN dinner. Well, on weekends they let me get by with it at least! Our favorite way to make popcorn is in a stir-crazy popper I found in the box…brand new….at our local Salvation Army store. Score! We started out adding butter and salt after we popped […]

I’m Weird


I just finished reading Weird by Craig Groeschel after my husband finished reading it and handed it over to me saying “You have GOT to read this!”. It explained what I have had growing inside of my heart, my head for a couple of years now. I AM WEIRD. Which is just what I am […]

Fantasy vs. Reality


Are any of you like me? Do you have preconceived ideas about how different events in your  life are ‘supposed’ to go. You know how something plays out beautifully and perfectly in your head, but then when this event happens it looks NOTHING like what you saw in your head?  Is anyone with me on […]

Mission to Haiti


I am thrilled beyond words that I have ANOTHER opportunity to go on a mission trip to Haiti. In February 2014 I will be heading back to the beautiful country of Haiti for a medical mission trip with 18 other mission minded men and women. To tell you more about the mission trip Darrel made an […]