This Homeschoolin’ Gig Rocks!

Science lab

Science lab in the kitchen.

We began homeschooling a year ago for a variety of reasons. We’ve never once regretted it. I thought I understood how the whole homeschooling thing would play out for us. I pictured a schedule we would happily work through each day. I am a schedule person. A check list person. I pictured me being a mom who went from kid to kid quietly instructing each of them while having lunch bubbling on the stove.

Well, if you are a homeschool mama you know that that is NOT how our days typically ever play out. Our days are me teaching a daughter while she is doing cartwheels in front of me. My day is talking literature with my boys after dinner snuggled up on the couch. My days are walking into the kitchen science lab to see my boys doing experiments with various food items for biology.


Danielle working on language arts in our school room.

There are days when I think we have got this thing down. There are days when I am frustrated and exhausted. There are days when I wonder why my family thinks they need to eat breakfast, lunch AND dinner. They expect three meals a day! Seriously?!

My favorite part of homeschooling? Being with my kids! When they were in public school I felt like I never saw them. Now we are living life together 24/7. Good and bad. Not only do I get to spend time with my kids but THEY get to spend time with each other. Their relationships are blossoming. Last night while Danielle and I ran an errand together in town I mentioned to her what wonderful big brothers she had. Her reply? “I know. I really do.”

Flexibility is another treasure of homeschooling. Flexibility in what subjects we want to cover and when we want to do them. We are not stuck to a schedule (though I love a good schedule!) that says when we must get up and exactly what we must do each day. Flexibility to go on a spur of the moment field trip with friends when the weather is nice..or possibly when the weather is freezing!

What do you love about homeschooling my homeschoolin’ mama friends?


  • j

    Not getting up early. Teaching to their interest. Going at our pace. Knowing who they are influenced by. Being with my kids for more then just the evening!!!!

    Jenn g.