Haiti Has My Heart

Last month at this time I was just days away from being at home in Haiti (and being warm!!!). This was my third trip to Haiti. From the moment I stepped off the airplane in Port-au-Prince in 2013 I felt an incredible love for Haiti. That love has only grown through the years. My trips to Haiti are with a group of medical & non-medical people. We serve the Lord in and around Chambrun doing mobile medical clinics. The best part of these trips is not the medical part, though. The best part is connecting with the people we come in contact with. Ready for a few stories??!


My mama friend: Annette

While in Onaville for a medical clinic I was able to visit with my friend Annette again!!! This was a thrill and a bit of a reality check for me. The thrill was that this is the third year in a row I was able to see Annette. We hugged and talked a bit. She said she was doing well. She said her kids were doing well. I asked her if she had anything I could pray for on her behalf during the year. She simply said that I could pray that she and her children, by the grace of God, are alive next year. (This would be the reality check part!!) When I pray I don’t even consider praying that we have enough food to eat. It doesn’t cross my mind to pray about simply being alive next year. Clean water? I take that for granted. Before Annette and I said goodbye I asked her if she had a Bible to read God’s word from. (Here comes reality check #2) Annette can’t read. Boy do I ever take that for granted while I find myself constantly reading books.


My sassy friend: Margarete Jean

While in Thomazeau for a clinic I met Margarete Jean. This young lady made me laugh! She was a fiesty 20-some year old. After I had talked with her about what was bothering her medically I told her she could sit on a nearby bench to wait to talk with one of the nurses. She told me she wasn’t leaving my station until I prayed with her. I completely fell in love with her then. What did she want prayer for? She said that Jesus was in her heart but she wanted me to pray for her that He would STAY in her heart. There are things in ALL of our lives that distract us from God. I was so proud of Margarete to know this.

I have endless stories and thoughts on Haiti and the people I have been able to meet and love on there. I could go on forever. Really. Some of my big ‘take-aways’, though, would be that….God is God in Haiti. God is God in the USA. We ALL need God. He is ALL we need. Yes, we are blessed here in the States, but we also have innumerable distractions. God has a plan for each and every one of us.