My Baby Brother


Me with my pesky brother and sweet baby sister!

Many of us have one. I dare say most of us don’t realize the treasure we have in them until we are adults. Brothers. Ornery. Stinky. Annoying. Protective. Funny. Handsome. Hard working. Brothers.

When my brother was the pesky younger brother he would do anything…and boy did he….to annoy me. His most famous story (in my kids eyes) is when I was babysitting him while our parents ran an errand and he didn’t like me bossing him around (like I would do that!!) so he climbed a tree to get to the roof of our home….and sat there until my parents came home. Seriously.

But when I left home to move across the country because of a guy (who later became my hubby!) that same little brother gave me a beautiful gold necklace charm that said ‘little sister’ on it. I can STILL, after so many years, remember driving down our driveway and watching and waving to this sweet guy.

Many years have passed since then but a few things still haven’t changed. My brother is still ornery. He is still handsome….and I still love him like crazy. It puts a smile on my face to receive a text from him just telling me what’s going on in his day. It makes me proud to hear him talking about his coaching endeavors. It makes us both laugh and cry and feel grounded looking through old family photo albums when we are together. It encourages me to hear him talk about his relationship with God. It melts my heart to watch him be a daddy.

Today is this amazing guys birthday. Happy birthday LITTLE brother!