There is Fun to be Found!!!

Our family has fun. There is always fun to be found. Sometimes it is right out in the open and easy to find. Sometimes fun has to be searched for. We have been wishing for fun this week as we have been sharing a lovely coughing, fever, sleep-all-day-long bug in our family. Only one has survived (so far) this joy…but he has had to fend for himself all week so he’s not too thrilled over the sickness either.


Darrel found this smiley dog to love on at the animal shelter.

Last week before we got all sorts of yuck invading our home we had a day of fun. A couple times a year I give each of our kids a DAY. They get to choose the activities and food for the day…within reason. Last Saturday was Darrel’s Day. He chose Linne’s for breakfast. Linne’s is our local bakery. If you don’t get there before 7am you are probably going to miss out on the favorites. So, being a mom, I was standing in line at 6:30am. I noticed another mom in line doing the same thing. We had a giggle over what us silly mom’s do for our kids. Anyway, I was home with donuts before anyone was awake at my home. They all devoured the yummies upon waking. Then we impatiently awaited the opening of the local animal shelter. The animal shelter is a dream land for our family of animal lovers. I am sad proud to say we did NOT come home with any new animals from this expedition. Whew. We spent a couple of hours snuggling kittens and running around with puppies. These guys need so much love. It’s a little free therapy for the animals and us when we spend time with them. The next item on Darrel’s fun list was having several buddies over to play teenage guy stuff like shot each other with nerf guns, run with sticks, devour cookies and the like. Always interesting. Always. My favorite part of the whole having buddies over deal? Listening to them. Lots of goofy and a good bit of serious conversations going on over hot dogs and cookies.

A lot of people don’t see all the fun to be found in our little town of Shelbyville. But if you look it is there. I am not opposed to going outside of Shelbyville for fun….but there is a lot of fun to be had very close by. Look at this: We have an amazing Parks Dept with programs galore, parks and a pool. Our kids all did Teddy Bear Tumblers where we got connected with others when the kids were toddlers.

The Library in town rocks! I must admit  that I still pretty much hang out in the kids/young adult section of the library. Maybe someday I will graduate to the upstairs of the library to look at books for my age. Maybe. Our library offers classes, programs and so much more!

The Grover Museum. Now, most of us know and love the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, but I know when I leave there I am wiped out. It’s an entire day of exhaustion. Step into the Grover Museum and let your kids have an hour of fun. They have rotating exhibits, a room that is all trains, and the very cool ‘streets of old Shelbyville’ to explore. My kids always enjoy some time at our local museum.

I mentioned Linne’s bakery above. My family is addicted. We also have another lovely bakery in town. Sugar Coated. The yummiest cookies and cupcakes around. Have you tried their Key Lime Cupcake? You must. Really.

One of our favorite hang outs ever? Three Sisters Bookstore & The Bookmark coffeeshop. Since the boys were newborns we have called this treasure a second home to us. All my kids went to storytime here (and the library!) for years. Now that they have appeared to outgrow storytime we find lots of random excuses to pop in and sit for a bit.

Drive-in movies anyone?! The Skyline Drive-in is a nostalgic treat.

Progress Parkway is a great place for a long family stroll on a nice evening. You can train for one of the many road races to be found in our area and walk one of them as a family.

The Strand is always booked with a concert, comedian, performance or play.

Girls, Inc has a great variety of programs for the girls in our community. Danielle and Grandma just attended an American Girl Tea and fashion show recently. Danielle has also been involved in their gymnastics program for a very long time. Love it.

What have I missed my local friends? What are some of your favorite activities to do around Shelbyville? You know you can always check out to find events in our area at anytime!

  • We like several antique stores/flea markets in the area. Nostalgia on 9 and Me and My Sisters are my favorites, but there are more–Nostalgia on 9 has maps. Always fun when the kids find something from the 70’s–my childhood–and comment on how OLD I must be if my toys are in an antique store. I remind them that a lot of the items are “collectibles” and worth a lot–like me–ha, ha! These trips can be like mini-history lessons, and have blossomed into happy excursions, especially with my daughter.