Family can be with us in so many ways. This weekend it has just hit me how in little everyday moments family memories and thoughts of my extended family pop up.

I had told my son Don at some point that one of the fun ways I loved to play with my dog while growing up was to fill his mouth full of grass and roll him down the little hill that lead to our garden. It sounds awful….but he just kept coming back for more and smiling the entire time. No animal torture, just pure kid fun. Well, Don’s (my son!) new favorite activity is….can you guess?

pie crust

Pie Crust moments

Today I was making some pie crust for lunch (for meat & cheese filled pie pockets) and I realized I was using a rolling pin my Uncle Al made me, a bowl my mom bought me and a recipe that is my Aunt June’s….No wonder the pie pockets tasted so good!

Danielle had a girlfriend spend the night last night and she was talking about a recent trip to NYC. My first thought was JEALOUS!!!!  Then….it made me think of two things. 1) My dad’s dislike of large cities and his promise that he would NEVER take me to NYC. 2) One of my best friends (who happens to be a cousin, too. What a nice coincidence!) lives in NY and I can’t wait to go visit her sometime. I can just imagine all the fun exploring and just being together would be.

I got my sewing machine out today. (That happens on occasion) Every time I get that thing out I think of my mom and mother-in-law. Mom always had her sewing machine set up in her bedroom (I think she still does!). My mother-in-law? She sewed my WEDDING DRESS. Serious.

The photos I have up in our home keep a constant reminder of family flowing. Nieces and nephews, cousins, siblings, parents…

Flowers. My lily-of-the-valley are sprouting up. I think of my mother-in-law who gave me a start of hers. My lilac bush is budding. I think of the big lilac bushes behind my childhood home.

I practiced my Spanish on Duolingo and think of my niece Ana so patiently working with  me on my Spanish words during our times together. (She’s a very encouraging teacher! “Good job Auntie Dyan!!”) While practicing my Spanish I also think of all of our friends and family in Mexico and how I will be able to communicate better with them! (And so very thankful many of them speak English fluently!!)

Thoughts of extended family & childhood memories can come during so many moments. When do yours come??