Books Abound!

Books. They are everywhere in our home. Piles of them by each of our beds. Bookshelves in nearly every room. Overflowing. Where do we head when we go to junk thrift stores? The books, of course! I love that my hubby and kids are all readers along with me. What a fun treasure to share.

I make it a priority to read through books as a family. We’ve read The Wizard of Oz, The Trumpet of the Swan, lots of Roald Dahl books, Charlotte’s Web…Right now we are reading Ozma of Oz. (Did you know that there are 13 books in the Oz series??!) For years I struggled on how to make time to sit down with my family to read. When we were all at the dinner table for a meal I kind of wanted to eat, too. (We don’t want grumpy mammas, right?) To be honest, we used to pick up a book to read during vacations because our schedule was so much more relaxed. The rest of the year we struggled to make time to read together.But that has all changed. Earlier this year I read a tip that I have implemented.  We set a timer and read for 5 minutes each day. So easy. No one feels like you are taking away from their play time. You would be amazed at how fast you can get through a book with only reading out loud 5 minutes a day.

I always find it interesting what each of our family members are reading. Here is what we are each reading right now:

Danielle book

Danielle discovered a book by one of her favorite authors at a thrift store!

Daddy-o: Conquer the Entrepreneurs Kryptonite  by James Woosley

Mama: Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Don: Hood by Stephen R Lawhead

Darrel: Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins

Danielle: The Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop

Sometimes I try to have a few books that I am working on at the same time, but that just never works for me. How about you? I read several non-fiction and then speed through a few fiction, then go back to non-fiction.

How do you read? What do you read? What is your family reading right now?

*affiliate links in post…which means if you purchase one of the books above from the links I gave…our family gets a tiny bit of money from your purchase, too. Thank you!*