Summer Plans….

Do you ever make grand summer plans? I’m a planner. I want to make the most of every moment. I tend to plan too many things into a day, week or summer, though. This past winter when we took a break from school I sat down with my kids and asked them a few things they would like to do over break and we made up a fun list…along with some fun boredom busters to do. This worked for us. Not too much planning, but enough that we were reminded of some fun we wanted to do.



Danielle ready for summer to begin!

So now it’s time to sit down and and make up a summer fun list. I have found that if we don’t have some sort of plan, no matter how loose this plan is, we don’t do a lot of the fun things we were really wanting to do. Time just slips by. I also have to realize that we don’t HAVE to get every little thing done that is written on the list….

Our summer fun list looks like this:

go for walks, play at a park, read (together & alone), Garfield Park-concert in the park, play with friends, go camping, SWIM, ride bikes, weed the garden, hike, run some road races (that would be on my boys list!), volunteer at the animal shelter & get a puppy (let’s see if Don reads my blog posts!!), go to the zoo, walk around the outdoor areas of IMA, make homemade ice cream, play in the sprinkler, walk downtown Indy taking pictures of architecture,….

What does YOUR summer look like?