Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. Yes, please!!

Indiana is heating up. Yesterday it was 90 degrees! Time to start thinking about ICE CREAM. Time to start stocking our freezers with popcycles and ice cream bars. When you are in the mood for a super sweet, cool and chocolatey treat….I have the answer for you! My family AND all the guys I work with at the firehouse whole-heartedly approve of this one! So here it is:

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

I don’t use exact measurements for this summer treat. I go to the grocery and pick up a couple boxes of ice cream sandwiches, a couple containers of cool whip and a couple jars of hot fudge sauce.

Firefighter Dyan

Being ‘Firefighter Dyan’ to all the kids is one of my jobs at the firehouse. Other jobs include being a firefighter, paramedic AND birthday treat baker!

You start by placing a layer of ice cream sandwiches on the bottom of your 9×13 (or whatever size you decide to use!) pan. Then you spread a jar of warmed hot fudge sauce over that. Next comes a layer of cool whip. Then you repeat. Ending with Cool Whip. Next is the hard part. You have to put it in the freeze and WAIT. Kind of a dessert lasagna! But more chocolately!

You can make so many variations to this dessert. There are several types of ice cream sandwiches available now. I have used caramel sauce instead of hot fudge sauce (but I am a chocolate girl, so….). You can add nuts.

This could be a fun activity of sorts to do with your kids. My daughter loves to help by unwrapping the ice cream sandwiches and placing them in the pan. Working side by side with my daughter in the kitchen. Sweet!

The ice cream cake I made today is for the birthday of one of the guys I work with. I spoil those guys. Every year for their birthday…if they are on my shift….I make them a birthday treat. This is one of their favorites!

What are some of your favorite summer treats?