My family has had an idea brewing in our minds for a year or more now. It was a little bit out of our comfort zone. But it also sounded like SO MUCH FUN. We finally did it last week.


All set for an adventure!

The kids and I loaded up in the Suburban with fresh baked cookies. Next stop: pick up a couple bouquets of flowers. Then….on to downtown Indy. We parked on the outskirts of downtown and started walking. Slowly at first. The first stop was talking to a lady in a wheelchair who used to be homeless. She is a widow. Her husband used to give her roses. She lives in an apartment building now. We talked listened to her for quite a while then handed her some cookies and a rose.

We handed out cookies to all the men we walked past and roses to all the women. One man when I asked if he would like some fresh baked cookies said “Yes Ma’am I would love some cookies!!”. My kids got a big kick out of that! All the women we handed a rose to…well, you just KNOW that made their day. The surprised smiles were priceless.

The most memorable moment, though. We stopped by a homeless man and handed him some cookies and a bag we had packed with a few items he could use. Right after we walked past he dug into the bag to see what was inside. We walked around the corner and I bought the kids and I some hot chocolate. (It was a cold day!) After I handed Darrel his drink he told me he would be back in a minute…and he walked out the door and handed the homeless man his hot drink. My mommy-heart will never forget that moment. The kids all agreed that meeting the homeless gentleman was their favorite part of our adventure..and next time they want to sit down and have a nice long conversation with him.

We ran out of cookies and roses much faster than we thought we would. We all agreed that we MUST do this again…but we need to bring MORE cookies and roses….and some friends to enjoy this simple act of kindness with us. Who wants to come with us next time??