Something has been brewing in my mind all summer. As many of you know the last few years of our family’s life involved adding three children to our family for nearly two years and then having them taken from us. Our hearts were ripped out. We could barely breathe. We have asked God why this […]

God’s Wisdom

I have taken so long to write this post because my heart just can’t handle to put some things down in words. They seem so final. So REAL. But it is time. Some of you have known our families story for years and some have picked it up here and there along the way. We […]

Ease On Down The Road

“Ease on down, ease on down the road…..don’t you carry nothing that might be a load…” Can’t you just hear Micheal Jackson singing this?! Check it out on Youtube! I’ve been listening to the VeggiTale version lately myself. It’s the choice cd in my truck at the moment that the little kids want to listen […]

Gotcha Day!!!

What an exciting day in our home! Last Friday, November 30, marked one year from when Don and I flew out to Oregon and picked up the three newest members of our family. We made arrangements for Don, Darrel and Danielle to stay with friends for a few days while Don and I went on […]


Adoption It’s funny how the word ADOPTION is such a huge part of our life…and yet seems to have nothing to do with our life at the same time! People who don’t know our families story are amazed to find out we are a family brought together by the word ADOPTION. Don and married over […]