My family has had an idea brewing in our minds for a year or more now. It was a little bit out of our comfort zone. But it also sounded like SO MUCH FUN. We finally did it last week. The kids and I loaded up in the Suburban with fresh baked cookies. Next stop: […]

Summer Plans….

Do you ever make grand summer plans? I’m a planner. I want to make the most of every moment. I tend to plan too many things into a day, week or summer, though. This past winter when we took a break from school I sat down with my kids and asked them a few things […]

There is Fun to be Found!!!

Our family has fun. There is always fun to be found. Sometimes it is right out in the open and easy to find. Sometimes fun has to be searched for. We have been wishing for fun this week as we have been sharing a lovely coughing, fever, sleep-all-day-long bug in our family. Only one has […]

This Homeschoolin’ Gig Rocks!

We began homeschooling a year ago for a variety of reasons. We’ve never once regretted it. I thought I understood how the whole homeschooling thing would play out for us. I pictured a schedule we would happily work through each day. I am a schedule person. A check list person. I pictured me being a […]

Fundraising Fanatics!

Our family is heading to Mexico this summer. No beaches and sand for us. We will be spending a month with Fishers of Men-Mexico. We are less than 2 weeks out from boarding the plane and being on our way. When I came back from a mission trip to Haiti last summer I was convicted […]

Be a Blessing

Have you ever heard of “blessing bags”? I first noticed them on Pinterest (of course!). I thought they looked like a great idea but didn’t really feel motivated to make any. What a great idea for SOMEONE ELSE to do, though! If you have never heard of  a “blessing bag” they are items homeless may […]

God’s Wisdom

I have taken so long to write this post because my heart just can’t handle to put some things down in words. They seem so final. So REAL. But it is time. Some of you have known our families story for years and some have picked it up here and there along the way. We […]

The Hunt Is On……

I have a lot of friends who hunt. I enjoy hunting, too. I tend to hunt in different places than most of my friends, though. My hunting grounds  happen to be at places like Goodwill and yard sales…..and once a year for the perfect Christmas tree at Bohman Christmas  Tree Farm. We were thrilled this […]

Let the Adventure Begin!

This week has marked a new phase in our families life. We are now an official HOMESCHOOL  family! Woohoo! We have had homeschooling in the back of our minds since our boys (who for some crazy reason are in 6th grade now????) entered kindergarten. We have a slew of reasons as to WHY we have […]

Danielle’s Day!

How do you SHOW your kids you love them? We say “I love you” a lot at our home, but our kids need to SEE our love for them in action, too. Recently I was reading a book on making memories: Let’s Make a Memory by Gloria Gaither and Shirley Dobson. I knew anything coming […]