Haiti Has My Heart

Last month at this time I was just days away from being at home in Haiti (and being warm!!!). This was my third trip to Haiti. From the moment I stepped off the airplane in Port-au-Prince in 2013 I felt an incredible love for Haiti. That love has only grown through the years. My trips […]

A New Adventure!

Danielle and I have started a fun and meaningful adventure together this past month. We have become Trades of Hope Compassionate Entrepreneurs. Have you heard of Trades of Hope, yet? It is a WORLD  changing company. Let me tell you about why we are so excited to be a part of it! Trades of Hope […]

My Mom

With yesterday being Mother’s Day extra thoughts of my mom came to mind. Since being a mom myself for the past 12 years I get kinda selfish on Mother’s Day thinking about ME being a mom. But who taught me so much about being a mama? My own mom, of course. How grateful I am […]

What’s on Your Nightstand?

My nightstand holds a few of my favorite things. I have a framed photo of  beautiful Haitian mountains on it, my lovely jewelry box that I scored at Goodwill several years ago, a dish that holds my highlighter, pen and chapstick, my alarm clock (yuck!!), lamp….and my STACK OF BOOKS. Books. I. Love. Them. I […]

My Sewing Machine and Me!

My mom always had a sewing machine set up in her bedroom. She can sew. My mother-in-law can sew. As in she sewed MY WEDDING DRESS. I remember learning to sew in Home Ec class with Mrs. Faber. Big oversized pink sweatshirt. It was TOTALLY AWESOME. Totally. During the last twenty-four few years since high-school my […]

Lessons from Haiti

There are so many thoughts running through my head when I return from Haiti. I think the most pronounced thought is that we in America have so much STUFF. My family just knows that when I return I will be filling up bags of our STUFF to get out of our home. Stuff is distracting. […]

A Mama is a Mama No Matter Where She Lives

On Monday I arrived back home from being in Haiti for a week. I hope you all don’t get tired of my stories, thoughts and emotions from Haiti too soon! I love Haiti and the beautiful people that live there. It is my second home. Haiti is part of who I am. Ingrained in my […]

Why Haiti?

While Danielle and I were sitting down at our nice cozy breakfast table eating our cinnamon rolls and drinking our hot cocoa and coffee (the coffee was just for me!)a few mornings ago I became teary eyed. Don had walked into the room and I told him something interesting so sad that I had read in my […]

Mission to Haiti

I am thrilled beyond words that I have ANOTHER opportunity to go on a mission trip to Haiti. In February 2014 I will be heading back to the beautiful country of Haiti for a medical mission trip with 18 other mission minded men and women. To tell you more about the mission trip Darrel made an […]

The Hunt Is On……

I have a lot of friends who hunt. I enjoy hunting, too. I tend to hunt in different places than most of my friends, though. My hunting grounds  happen to be at places like Goodwill and yard sales…..and once a year for the perfect Christmas tree at Bohman Christmas  Tree Farm. We were thrilled this […]