My family has had an idea brewing in our minds for a year or more now. It was a little bit out of our comfort zone. But it also sounded like SO MUCH FUN. We finally did it last week. The kids and I loaded up in the Suburban with fresh baked cookies. Next stop: […]

Haiti Has My Heart

Last month at this time I was just days away from being at home in Haiti (and being warm!!!). This was my third trip to Haiti. From the moment I stepped off the airplane in Port-au-Prince in 2013 I felt an incredible love for Haiti. That love has only grown through the years. My trips […]

A New Adventure!

Danielle and I have started a fun and meaningful adventure together this past month. We have become Trades of Hope Compassionate Entrepreneurs. Have you heard of Trades of Hope, yet? It is a WORLD  changing company. Let me tell you about why we are so excited to be a part of it! Trades of Hope […]

What a Privilege!

God has given me yet another chance to go to Haiti. February 9-16, 2015 I will be serving at Nehemiah Vision Ministries on a mobile medical mission team. Words can not describe my feelings over this adventure. Excited and grateful seem far too mild words but we will have to go with those words for […]


Something has been brewing in my mind all summer. As many of you know the last few years of our family’s life involved adding three children to our family for nearly two years and then having them taken from us. Our hearts were ripped out. We could barely breathe. We have asked God why this […]

Fundraising Fanatics!

Our family is heading to Mexico this summer. No beaches and sand for us. We will be spending a month with Fishers of Men-Mexico. We are less than 2 weeks out from boarding the plane and being on our way. When I came back from a mission trip to Haiti last summer I was convicted […]

Be a Blessing

Have you ever heard of “blessing bags”? I first noticed them on Pinterest (of course!). I thought they looked like a great idea but didn’t really feel motivated to make any. What a great idea for SOMEONE ELSE to do, though! If you have never heard of  a “blessing bag” they are items homeless may […]

Mission Fields Abound!

When most people think of serving on a mission field they think of going to far off lands like Africa or Haiti. While those are certainly great mission fields they are not the only mission field out there! On countless afternoons or weekends at our home there is a huge mission field. Our neighborhood kids! […]

Why Haiti?

While Danielle and I were sitting down at our nice cozy breakfast table eating our cinnamon rolls and drinking our hot cocoa and coffee (the coffee was just for me!)a few mornings ago I became teary eyed. Don had walked into the room and I told him something interesting so sad that I had read in my […]

Mission to Haiti

I am thrilled beyond words that I have ANOTHER opportunity to go on a mission trip to Haiti. In February 2014 I will be heading back to the beautiful country of Haiti for a medical mission trip with 18 other mission minded men and women. To tell you more about the mission trip Darrel made an […]